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If you do not find the answers to your questions here, please contact us and we will be happy to help you either by phone or email.

Q. Where, in Costa Rica, is Tree Houses Hotel located?

A. We are located on the main highway #141 between Ciudad Quesada and La Fortuna, Arenal Volcano. Just 25 minutes south of La Fortuna and just before the town of Santa Clara.

Q. How far is Tree Houses Hotel from the San Jose International Airport?

GPS N10 22.564 W084 31612.

A. We are about two hours from the San Jose Airport. The roads are very good and the scenery is beautiful. The drive does take you up and over mountains and through a cloud forest so it is suggested you make the drive during daylight hours.

Q. How far to Tree Houses from the Liberia Airport?

A. We are about a 4 hour drive from Liberia. You can either go through San Ramon or around Lake Arenal.

Q. What kind of transportation is there to choose from?

A. We always suggest renting a car while in Costa Rica. Driving outside of San Jose is really pretty easy and the roads are good, especially in this area. A 4X4 is not necessary but can be advantageous if you like to take off and explore areas that are off the beaten path. We work with several rental agencies with offices at the San Jose Airport, Liberia Airport and La Fortuna. A car can also be delivered here to the hotel.

We work with private transport companies that will make your ride from the airport fun and give you a guided tour at the same time. They have modern vans with plenty of room and comfort. Please contact the hotel for pricing and availability, and we will arrange transportation for you. Your driver will meet you in front of the airport and deliver you direct to Tree Houses Hotel, or anywhere in Costa Rica. Their prices are competitive with the taxis at the airport and you won’t get better customer service. They can pick you up at your hotel in another part of Costa Rica and bring you here, or take you on to your next destination.

Taxies are everywhere in Costa Rica. We recommend that you verify the cost before you get in and only use taxis with the yellow triangle. Taxis are not real cheap in Costa Rica.

Public transportation is reliable and cheap in Costa Rica but can be challenging and time consuming for long distances. For short distances they are great and run about every ½ hour, to La Fortuna, from the hotel.

If you have three or more people in your party it is usually cheaper and more comfortable to hire private transport. Please contact us at Tree Houses and we will arrange your transportation.

Q. Are the Tree Houses private?

A. Each tree house is an independent structure with plenty of space and rain forest between each one. They are all a short walk to the Rancho, where breakfast is served each morning, yet far enough to insure your privacy. We give each guest a gate opener upon check in so the only people here are customers staying at Tree Houses.

Q. Is your hotel safe?

A. Yes, we are located away from any big town or any intense tourist centers where you could find any kind of trouble. All of our neighbors are country people and everybody knows everybody. The hotel is gated and each tree house has its own parking area and a small safe to store your valuables.

Q. Are the Tree Houses comfortable?

A. Each tree house has plenty of room inside and a covered porch outside with a table and benches to sit and enjoy the view. Each has A/C, refrigerator and warm water showers. The beds are comfortable and we provide soap, towels and all the necessary bedding items. The electric is 110 and there are of plenty of outlets to charge your camera battery.

Q. Are the Tree Houses safe?

A. Each tree house has been designed and built by local architects and craftsmen. They have all passed safety inspections and are inspected regularly. Always keep in mind that they are unusual buildings, high off the ground so care should be exercised especially with children.

Q. Is the hotel appropriate for honeymooners?

A. The very exclusive nature of the hotel makes it ideal for honeymooners. The tree houses are very private, romantic and cozy. The sights and sounds of the rain forest create a wonderful ambience for a honeymoon to remember.

Q. Are there restaurants near by?

A. Yes, there are eight or nine restaurants or sodas within a 5 to 15 minute drive of Tree Houses. There is also a pizza place that delivers and a lot of the Adventure Tours include lunch and/or dinner. Also in the area are two Italian restaurants, both run by an Italian family that moved to Costa Rica.

Q. What should we pack to bring on our trip?

A. We suggest packing as light as possible as most hotels offer laundry service. 2-3 pairs of shorts, tee and tank tops, secure water/hiking shoes, bathing suit and a light rain coat. Light nylon pants and shorts are best as they dry quicker than cotton. The dress code in this area is very casual. Mosquitoes are not bad, but we do recommend your favorite spray…..netting is not necessary. Pack a camera, flashlight, personal bathroom items, sunscreen and you’re pretty much set for your vacation.

Q. Is there a lot of crime in Costa Rica?

A. Most Costa Ricans are so nice and honest. Petty theft is the main issue. A few tips are to never leave your car with anything visible in it. Keep your money and valuables out of sight. Don’t be distracted by anyone and be alert to your surroundings. If you have a flat tire only pull over in a secure area where there are other people. Go the speed limit. Remember the saying “if it sounds too good to be true … it probably is.”

Q. Where can we get internet/phone access?

A. Costa Rica has plenty of high speed internet cafes in most every town and they are cheap. Many of them offer long distance calling. It is suggested that you leave your laptop at home. Some quad band cell phones will work from Costa Rica……check with your service provider.

Q. Do you recommend trip insurance?

Yes. Whenever you travel internationally, it is a good idea to have trip insurance in case flights are delayed or canceled, etc.

Costa Rica Travel Tips

The US dollar and the Costa Rican Colon can both be used here. Everyone will take 20 dollar bills or less. You will get the best exchange rate from banks.

Alert your credit card company you will be traveling in Costa Rica … very important.

Vitamin B12 helps keep mosquitoes away … start taking about a month before coming to Costa Rica.

Carry a copy of your passport with the current stamp … never give up your original passport.

Send a copy of your passport to your personal e-mail so you can access it from anywhere in the world.

Go the speed limit always.

Don’t leave anything visible in your car while it is parked.

Pack as light as possible.

Tree Houses Hotel Costa Rica

300 Meters Norte de Cementerio
Santa Clara, San Carlos, Costa Rica
Voice: 011 (506) 2475-6507


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