Seidy Munoz Ramirez

I have been working at Tree Houses Hotel since 2010.  It is a beautiful place.  We are all a family.  My most favorite pastime is playing soccer.

Yania Vargas Hidalgo

I have worked at Tree Houses Hotel since 2013.  I have enjoyed the time that I have worked here and truly love what I do.  I feel that I am part of a big family.  My favorite thing to do is ride my bike.

Patricia Vargas Hidalgo

I have been working at Tree Houses Hotel since 2009.  I love my family and music.  My passion and my gift in life is cooking.  I adore it and put all my heart in soul in it.

Siller Sibaja Soto

I have been working at Tree Houses since 2017.  My favorite pastime time is comedy.

Efren Mora Solano

I have been working at Tree Houses since 2014.  I love my job and I love my family.

Yiandra Chinchilla

I have been working at Tree Houses since 2014.  I love my job, helping out our guests, and meeting new people.  My favorite pastimes are spending time with my kids, my dogs, and dancing.

Steven Cambronero

I have worked for Tree Houses since 2017.  I decided to come work here because it is a beautiful area full of life.  I love all the wildlife one can find here.  Outside of work I like to spend time with my parents, go out with my friends and study.

Coquita “cute ripe coconut” was rescued on August 2015. She was left at the local vet with all her siblings and mother. Tree Houses at that moment was ready to welcome a new member. Coquita is loved by all. She enjoys hiking with our guests, playing in water and thinks that all the rain forest animals are her friends. She is well manored, polite, loyal and loves a good belly rub.

Pipita “cute unripe coconut” was rescued on June 2017. She found in a near town called Ciudad Quesada by a local, who posted her up on Facebook for adoption. Treehouses quickly scooped her up.  She grew up quickly and is very mischievous! She will go on hike after hike and seems to never tire!  Although she is energetic during the day she quickly becomes a snuggly bear at night and loves to cuddle.

Tree Houses Hotel Costa Rica Staff